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Does Xcommerce offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, only one time per customer, on all plans. You will have 7 days after the purchase to inform us of your withdrawal. Just enter the application, in the Profile area, access your plan information and click on “I want to cancel”, stating the reasons for the withdrawal, so you can help us to improve our services more and more. Ready! Your purchase will be immediately reversed.

How to contact customer service?

We answer by Whatsapp/Telephone (21) 2673-6711, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00, or by e-mail contato@xcommerce.io. Our email response time is a few hours. See all our customer service channels at the bottom of this page, we are on the main networks such as Instagram and Whatsapp.

Does the Xcommerce subscription renew automatically?

Yes, however, within the App you can turn off automatic renewal at any time. This is part of our transparency and customer respect policy. Remember that when you turn off the automatic renewal of your plan, you will not be able to reactivate it, and when your plan expires, you lose the benefits obtained, such as discount coupons and other advantages applied during the contract.

How long do Xcommerce subscriptions last?

We currently offer weekly, monthly and annual plans.

Do you offer discounts on plans?

Yes, all the time. We have a generous discount policy through coupons. Go to Profile on your plan screen and check if there are any available coupons. We have discount coupons for all plans, including plan change or upgrade. Some coupons will work for a limited time, so we recommend that you visit our website and app frequently and sign up for our newsletter, we will let you know whenever there is a promotion. Take advantage of the LANCAMENTO20 coupon to get 20% off your subscription, valid for every month while it is valid. Scroll to the bottom of the page and go to the Coupon Center to get this discount.

How do I access Xcommerce?

Visit the address https://app.xcommerce.io, or download the App from the Google Play store. Registration is free, so take advantage.

Does Xcommerce have an app?

Yes, the app is available for IOS and Android. Registration is free, so take advantage.

Who created Xcommerce and why?

Xcommerce was created by Guilherme Silva, Systems Analyst with over 20 years of experience in IT, and Anderson Cortes, a graduate in Computer Science, and entrepreneur in the fields of Clothing and Appliances. The tool began to be built on the basis of pain, challenges, and Anderson's experience with sales on online platforms. The main objective of the project is to answer a question from most sellers: “What is the best product to sell online?”. There's no simple answer, and many say this is the million-worth question. Some risk guesses, but nothing concrete and objective. Platforms can mislead us on their “trending” and “best seller” pages. Today we know that the reality is different, and we are finally here to share with you our discoveries and all the knowledge that we acquired on our journey.

Who is Xcommerce for?

We recommend Xcommerce to anyone who sells online and offline, or does business on the Internet. The virtual world has its rules, and what we observed is that these rules are quite different from those found in the physical world. Online, you will need things that are totally off your radar and, in order not to waste years trying to understand the market in the virtual environment, it is much better to have a tool available that will help answer your main questions about e-commerce. Xcommerce is here for that.

Why is Xcommerce different from any other platform?

Here at Xcommerce we handle data in an unusual way, something we could call “Data Curation”. The information we collect is precisely selected and transformed to deliver value to our customers. For example, if a metric or statistic has little or no relevance to decision-making, it will probably lose place to another of greater importance. Another important aspect to consider is that our software is multiplatform. Therefore, it is well suited to marketplaces and e-commerce sites, but it can also be easily adapted to content sites, with videos, music, cryptocurrencies, etc.

How to choose among the best products those that are most worth selling?

1) Open Xcommerce and select a product that sells a lot.
2) Choose a great supplier to handle production and distribution in case sales “explode”.
3) Assess the profit margin, after discounting platform fees, credit card, taxes, shipping, etc. Let's say that you only have R$ 35.00 left per unit, with all the work you will have to pack,, answer, etc. Is it worth it? Depends. What if you sell an average of 20 units/day, 140/week, 600/month? Your net profit will be R$ 21,000.00/month.

How do I increase traffic to my product page?

1) Price adjustment is a good tactic. The Google robot will place the products with the best prices at the top of the results. Master this technique.
2) Optimize the SEO of your product page.
3) In the last case, you can advertise on Google. That's just one possible strategy. There are so many others that you will discover when using our tool.

I already have experience with e-commerce and online sales. How can Xcommerce help me?

Xcommerce can help you build your portfolio based on objective criteria, avoiding pitfalls such as “trial and error” or unfounded deductions and “guesses”. You will be able to choose high-performance products (those that sell a lot), with low competition, in your segment and outside of it, preventing your inventory and investments from stagnating.

How is Xcommerce information obtained?

Xcommerce uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (Machine Learning) to identify the most relevant products on each platform and collect daily data about them, applying statistical methodologies to generate Knowledge. The information provided in the software does not represent the totality of the data on these platforms, but it is significant and representative, with the main purpose of gathering information in one place that indicates the best products to sell online. Each platform has a different set of information. For example, Mercado Livre reports the total sales since the product was registered, while Elo7, and most marketplaces, have not. In this way, Xcommerce simulates the total sales of a product through machine learning, through its daily monitoring.