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Ecommerce Product Score and Profit Margin Calculator

Calculate the score and profit margin of a product and find out if it's worth selling online

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The Product Score is an algorithm developed by Xcommerce that uses 45 evaluation criteria to calculate a score between 0 and 1000 and assign it to the product. The highest scores represent the best products to sell online. Use the Calculator on the product screen and fill in all the information to increase the accuracy of the Score calculation.

In the Xcommerce App, you have access to the calculator on each product page. In the Favorites tab it is possible to view the calculator's products in a list ordered by the highest score. The products at the top of this list can be considered good products to sell online and obtain high profit margins, considering that you have filled in all the information on the calculator.

Registering for the Xcommerce App is free. Go to https://app.xcommerce.io or download it from the Google Play store.