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Who We Are

Learn a bit about our history, mission, vision and values

Our Story

Xcommerce was born on December 24, 2019 in a conversation between friends Anderson Cortes and Guilherme Silva about the sales of SSD hard drives at Mercado Livre. The initial idea included the identification of best-selling products with high demand (the whole of Brazil replaced the IDE/SATA standard with the SSD), good profit margin, ease of finding suppliers, fast and cheap shipping, low return rates, and other characteristics that marked some products as excellent options for selling online.

The moment was pre-pandemic and the online sales market was growing, stable and growing expanding. The project's MVP was ready a few days after that conversation, and it was already yielding promising results. After a few iterations, the name Xcommerce appeared in the first week of February, a combination of XCO (read Éks-Co), the name of Anderson's clothing brand, with the word Commerce.

In March, the lockdown came, the perfect opportunity for a 9-month immersion (coincidence?) which led to the birth of Xcommerce. After several challenges, a lot of blood, sweat, and code, the product was finally launched in September 2020.

Xcommerce is currently becoming an ecosystem with several initiatives suggested by the platform's customers, which are being incubated within the company.

Meet the founders Guilherme Silva and Anderson Cortes.

Our Purpose

Play a prominent role in E-Commerce through partnerships with bodies representing this market. Propose ideas and innovations and contribute with Knowledge and Technology.

Our Mission

We empower sellers through Knowledge, helping them deliver value to their customers.

Our Vision

To become the most loved e-commerce consulting and intelligence firm in Latin America.

Our Values

Be ethical, responsible, helpful, attentive, transparent, confident, technological, and always partners.

Our Positioning

Constantly innovate by promoting initiatives based on the main technologies of the future, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, and IOT.